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Waxing, Body Grooming & Bleaching

Trimming/Body Grooming

Full body trim $145.00  and up
Crotch trim $45.00  and up
Full booty trim $35.00  and up
Back & shoulder trim $45.00  and up

The benefits of waxing are that we are pulling the hair from the root so that it grows back soft, and more slowly than shaving for a more natural feel. Please note, irritation after waxing is not uncommon, as well as ingrown hairs. If this occurs, please do not hesitate to call the salon. Waxing is not recommended for sensitive skin.
Waxing - Privates

Smooth Cheeks 25 min $50.00 and up
Smooth Cheeks & In Between 25 min $60.00 and up
Just In Between 25 min $40.00 and up

Waxing - Face 

Eyebrows 10 min $25.00 and up                               
Ears 10 min $20.00 and up
Nostrils 10 min $15.00 and up

Waxing - Torso

Full back & shoulders 20 min $70.00 and up
Full back   20 min $60.00 and up
Shoulders 10 min $20.00 and up
Chest 20 min $25.00 and up
Stomach 15 min $25.00 and up

Miami Intimate/Body Bleaching Treatment

Our Miami body bleaching peel treatment is a combination of a pre-conditioning regimen and 30 day post-treatment bleaching product take-home care. Miami Bleach is the right option for clients who are looking for a results-driven treatment that will provide even skin tone. It targets discoloration in intimate areas of the body, as well as under the arms, inner thighs, elbows, knees and ankles.

Treatment and after care home product - $215
Smooth Cheeks
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